Web-Based Programs

Transform a "sales pitch" into an "educational conversation"

Welcome to Wine! $35

Designed for employees with minimal wine experience, but who require a rapid introduction to the industry. This program is not part of the Accredited Tasting Room Steward qualification. The program requires 5-10 hours to complete and introduces the topics of:

1) Making Wine
2) Describing Wine
3) Wine with Food
4) Wine Sales
5) Wine Service

Conduct Winery Tours $45

Winery tours represent the long walk to the cash register. The expectation of customers to learn about production is a unique attribute of the wine industry providing an opportunity for servers to build rapport with customers while relating the winery’s story. The program requires approximately 10 hours to complete and includes the topics of:

1) Introduction to Winemaking
2) Alcoholic and Malolactic Fermentations
3) White Wine Production
4) Red Wine Production
5) Sparkling Wine Production
6) Conducting Your Winery Tour

It is recommended to enroll in ‘Conduct Winery Tours’ before pursuing subsequent programs since understanding how wines are made prepares enrollees to fully grasp sensory analysis. Knowledge of wine production transforms topics covered in subsequent programs from ‘mystical’ to ‘logical.’

Provide Customer Service $45

Sales in a Winery Tasting Room are maximized by creating an atmosphere conducive to buying. This atmosphere is established by knowledgeable wine servers who help customers visualize the use of wine in their daily lives. The program requires approximately 10 hours to complete and includes the topics of:

1) Sensory Analysis
2) Food Wine Pairing
3) Service of Wine, Restaurant
4) Service of Wine, Winery Tasting Room
5) Wines of the World
6) A History of Alcohol in the United States

Execute Wine Sales $65

“People love to buy, but hate being sold” Jeffrey Gitomer, Sales Guru

Customers have a ‘certain price’ or a ‘certain amount’ of wine which feels comfortable to purchase. Excellent service causes customers to meet their natural limits. Excellent salesmanship results in customers passing their limits.

1) The Wine Business
2) Wine-Buying Demographics
3) Selling and Up-selling
4) Successful Approaches and Challenging Customers
5) Wine and Health